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Our Story

Who We Are

Site-1 Brewing is an experience-driven brewery incubator and tap house in Omaha, Nebraska. They provide the equipment and expertise to allow brewers to scale their craft — without the upfront costs of opening up their own brewery. Site-1 also brings customers to those beers in a tap house with an ever-changing rotation of 18 craft beers on tap. Site-1 Brewing was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with the desire to promote hard work, collaboration, and great-tasting craft beer. 

What we do

Site-1 Brewing is a brewery incubator and tap house that provides a platform for brewers to push beyond their limits — bringing more craft beer to local communities. Allowing brewers big and small the opportunity to make the best beer possible without the burden of hefty upfront costs of opening their own brewery. By combining our ever-changing beers with a full restaurant menu, engaging atmosphere, and visible beer crafting process, Site-1 promotes a unique experience that is unlike any other brewery.


(Soon this page will show you our explorers behind the brews.)


These are the founders of Site-1 Brewing

Mike Peter

Mike likes to build up people and make things. He credits his creativity to his short attention span and inability to complete repetitive tasks. Once joking around, he noted he’s never individually been successful in anything. Mike knows he needs great people in his life and he’s determined to help them achieve great things. And so, Site-1 Brewing was born!

Ben Katt

Ben has been a scrappy real estate investor and deal junkie since 2012. He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and moved to Omaha to attend Creighton University. He dropped out of law school to invest in real estate full time. He successfully ran multiple businesses in both high school and college and has developed a strong passion for building businesses. He is a hard working entrepreneur with an…okay(ish)…attitude and strong love for animals.

Melanie Phelan

Melanie is an entrepreneur at heart and excited to see what heights Site-1 Brewing will soar to! She likes puns and uses exclamation points all too often. When she isn’t on location at Site-1 Brewing you can find her in various board rooms across the Omaha Metro, traveling the world or in her kitchen baking up a tasty cake!(!!!)

The Process

Not long ago, the distance between homebrewer and brewmaster was a giant leap. To transition from carboys and kettles, to fermenters and tanks often took an unimaginable investment.

Site-1 Brewing takes that giant leap and makes it a small step.

Site-1 is more than a brewery. We’re a beer platform where aspiring brewers can hone their craft and gain real-world experience without immense startup costs. We provide a shared workspace with all the equipment and guidance a brewer needs, as well as a tap house to show off their innovative recipes and craftsmanship.

We’re taking beer from Big Brewery and giving it back to the community where it belongs. Our business is centered on the belief that success is a journey, not a destination. During that journey we build a culture that celebrates each other’s creativity and dreams. We do so in order to promote local pride, innovation, and top-notch service to provide an experience unlike any other brewery.

We are passionate beer lovers who want to launch as many local craft brewers as possible by providing a simple, sustainable business model that promotes possibility, experimentation, and the best beer experience this side of the stratosphere.