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Sylab Sour Series

Rotating menu | 5.0 ABV

Varying ABV and flavor profiles, but guaranteed to may you pucker.

8 & 13

Hoppy Wheat | 5.2 ABV

Strong, refreshing notes of lemon and citrus complement this wheat beer’s summery essence. Ask your bartender for a wedge of lemon or orange to really boost the juice

Horn of Aries

Spring Bock | 7.5 ABV

As close to Reinheitsgebot as we can get, this German lager is a celebratory bier traditionally drank as a nod to the transition from winter to spring.

Intergalactic Planatarye

Rye IPA | 7.0 ABV

A Rye IPA featuring copious amounts of Centennial, Amarillo, Emerald Spire, and Nebraska-grown Columbus whole leaf hops alongside a punch of Rye malt.

Toboggan Run Dunkle

Dunkle | 5.5 ABV

This beer packs a surprising amount of roast and chocolate character into a small package. Smooth, drinkable, and not your typical “dark” beer.

Zero G Wit

Wit | 4.5 ABV

Soft, pillowy, and packed with notes of orange and coriander. The breakfast beer of astronauts everywhere.

Exponents and Variables

Hazy IPA | 6.6 ABV

Hazy to the max, this beer features two unique hop varieties from Michigan that bring out notes of kiwi, juicy fruit, peach, and berry.

The Big DIPA

Double Hopped IPA | 8.9 ABV

Dank notes of Amarillo and Centennial hops.

Black Arrow

Extra Special Bitter | 4.8 ABV

Malty, slightly floral, with just enough hop bite to remind you it’s an ESB.

Steamship Enterprise

California Common | 4.9 ABV

Uncommonly sessionable. Traditional with a slightly fruity finish.

Rover Red IPA

India Pale Ale | 5.8 ABV

Hopped with Centennial front to back. Pairs well with your flannel.

Moonshot Coffee Porter

Porter | 6.0 ABV

Warm, smooth, and coffee forward.

12 Million Miles Per Minute

English Mild | 4.6 ABV

Dry, light, and quintessentially English.

Star Burst IPA

India Pale Ale | 6.5 ABV

Hazy, fruity, with flaked oats and wheat.